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BAL has been forming a big flag pattern for the past months. It almost broke below flat support but reversed sharply. No position for me until it breaks out the flag support or resistance clearly shown.



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The last time I talked about $USDSGD, it was at 1.28 & I shared its bull trend idea of hitting 1.35.

It has gone way past that & consolidating back at 1.35 now, so looking at the multi year trend, it is likely to continue its uptrend which begin in 2014. Short term target is 1.38,  then 1.42. I have my own economic view of why this will happen but this blog isn’t about economics, its about trading so I leave that rant for some place else.



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JPM hit its multi year falling resistance as well as confirming its short term bearish wedge. Would short on strength. $JPM



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Triangle resolution soon for Nikkei. Can trade based on whichever way it breaks out of first. Stops can be set on the dotted lines which are fibonacci retracements. No need to 2nd guess the market, just trade it as it goes.