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UTX reported earnings recently & continues its bullish trend after clearing $107. Look for it to consolidate around $109 before attempting $112 then $115. Will it reach all time highs again?


ANZ Banking Group ASX:ANZ

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Interesting development in ANZ Bank as its attempting to breakout of its falling resistance. If it breaks out above without reversing sharply, 1st target is 26.38 followed by 27.7. Stop can be set at 24.08-24.76.

Lee & Man Paper HKG:2314

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This stock has been rangebound sideways between HKD4.00-6.00 since 2013. Right now its attempting to breakout of its multi year range If it stays above 6.24 & doesn’t correct sharply back below 6.24, then its likely a bullish breakout towards 6.47, 6.79 then its top target of 7.28.


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I normally don’t trade FX, but interesting development in GBPSGD.  A triangle is forming & resolution will appear soon. Will trade the breakout or down out of the triangle, so lets wait for price confirmation to tell us what to do.

A triangle basically means a directionless trend, so no point trading until a clearer direction is set outside of it.

Haw Par Corp Ltd SGX:H02

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Haw Par has been on a big sideways consolidation for years, & more recently has attempted to breakout of record high. So is there anymore upside? If breaks above 9.50 & doesn’t reverse quickly, then sky is the limit as seen by the 10.8 target of 161.8% fibo extension, but first it needs to hold the rising support as seen above. If it breaks the support line, then can consider to short it back down to about 8.58.