Health Management International Ltd

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HMI recently reported earnings. It is now just above its long term support. Its above sector average ROE, sector average net margins & low total debt to equity could represent a good buy for long & short term traders.


Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp. Limited

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OCBC is on the verge of a big breakout of its long term resistance. What it does now onwards will be key to its future direction as a breaking above the resistance is a very bullish sign for getting back to its 2013 highs & beyond.

DBS Group Holdings Ltd

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DBS is now at its top end of a big multi-year consolidating triangle. A strong break above its resistance will be a bullish sign to set it back towards its 2007 highs. First target if it breaks out is $21.47, then $25. If it reverses back down, downside target is $20.00, then $18.50. It next reports on 04 Aug 2017.


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$GE is back to the bottom of its multi-year bull support from 2009. Trend traders may see this as a buy signal as it is one of $INDU’s biggest components. It next reports earnings on 21 July 2017, so this could be an opportune time to trade into its earnings, considering that is soon after the next Fed rate decision which is likely a hike. $GE is quite sensitive to interest rate movements so a certain amount could be priced in already.

Publicis Groupe SA

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Publicis Group is a communications group with agencies such as as Leo Burnett & Saatchi & Saatchi under them. It is attempting to break above its long term resistance of €67.20. A strong push above this without quickly reversing below should set it up for its first upside target of €68.10, followed by €72.00.


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Under Armor may be showing signs of life as it posted lower than expected earnings loss & revenue was +7%. Could it be jumping on low expectations alone? Its still in its growing pain phase & I think investors will give some benefit of doubt that its management will turn things around sooner rather than later. Majority of its recent ratings have been downgrades so it won’t take much to surprise the market, in my opinion.

It broke above its short term falling resistance of what looks like a larger bullish falling wedge. Initial target is ~$23, followed by $25. The big gap from $31.50 is a long term story.


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The perpetual underperformer may finally turn a corner? I don’t think so, well not yet as it has alot to prove. Don’t even get me started about how mismanaged it is as there are already alot comments on that.  It recently broke above its falling short term resistance line & that is a bullish sign. Short term upside target is ~$18, and there should be consolidation there before attempting to break above the longer term resistance.


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Europe has been in stock bear market since 2008, but recently has shown signs of life. If it can break above its 10 year old resistance, that could be the sign of a new multi-year European bull stock market. The resistance will be very closely watched & it also happens to be on its 38.2% fib retracement from its 2007 highs. I expect consolidation here before attempting a break higher.