Blackmores Limited

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Blackmores Limited is engaged in the development, sales and marketing of health products for humans and animals, including vitamins, herbal and mineral nutritional supplements.. It has declined >50% in the past 2 years, but it may finally be turning the corner as its RSI is showing relative strength & its trading between its 50% – 61.8% fib retracement from its 2015 highs. The safer long trade would be to wait for it to break above $120 with strength. Going long now would be higher risk due to it being stuck in its trading range of $98 – $120.


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Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc, $REGN, is a biopharmaceutical firm that discovers, invents, develops, makes and commercializes medicines for the treatment of serious medical conditions.

$REGN is trying to break above its year long rising resistance. A strong break above this will be very bullish, & will set it up to go back to its 38.2% fib retracement from its 2015 highs.


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Paychex has been on a tear since 2009, so how much legs does it have left? It needs to hold its rising support with strength, & safer long trade would be to wait for it break above $61.87, its clear major resistance. Beyond that, its first target is around $67.90, before moving towards its 161.8% fib extension from 2009 of $87.00.

DBS Group Holdings Ltd

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DBS is now at its top end of a big multi-year consolidating triangle. A strong break above its resistance will be a bullish sign to set it back towards its 2007 highs. First target if it breaks out is $21.47, then $25. If it reverses back down, downside target is $20.00, then $18.50. It next reports on 04 Aug 2017.


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$GE is back to the bottom of its multi-year bull support from 2009. Trend traders may see this as a buy signal as it is one of $INDU’s biggest components. It next reports earnings on 21 July 2017, so this could be an opportune time to trade into its earnings, considering that is soon after the next Fed rate decision which is likely a hike. $GE is quite sensitive to interest rate movements so a certain amount could be priced in already.