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Triangle resolution soon for Nikkei. Can trade based on whichever way it breaks out of first. Stops can be set on the dotted lines which are fibonacci retracements. No need to 2nd guess the market, just trade it as it goes.



Is it possible that the dormant  Japanese sun is finally rising again? Nikkei 225 is attempting to break a 2 decade falling trend line with a >15% gain since Nov 2012 lows. Watch for it to break 10,200 first short term resistance & support is 9,600, followed by 10,765 longer term. Ideally it breaks 11,000 next year, but that’ll depend on global macro conditions. With Japan’s new PM increasing QE prospects, the Yen has been falling a lot recently, which helps exporters & many have already run up, such as Canon, Fuji Heavy & Shimano. As the Nikkei’s daily chart is overbought, wait for stronger pullbacks if buying.

Quote from Jeff Gundlach of Doubleline Capital: “You make 80% of your money in 20% of your investment time.”